History of the Browncoat Ball

There are many types of conventions and get-togethers. Some revolve primarily around meeting celebrities, attending themed panels, getting early glimpses at industry projects, or browsing a dealer floor full of geek-related products. At many of these conventions, meeting and getting to know your fellow fans is a side note that occurs in small doses between events or while waiting in long lines. However, it is these interactions with our fellow fans that truly make these conventions memorable. The Browncoat Ball is the opposite of these conventions. Getting to know your fellow fans is the primary objective of the Browncoat Ball, and we strive for that with every activity, every ball, every year.

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2004 – The Inaugural Browncoat Ball (BCB) was held in Chicago with great success. The Chicagoland Browncoats aimed to bring fans from around the world together to celebrate Firefly and each other. The vision for the Browncoat Ball was that it would be an affordable fan-run event to be held in a different city each year to maximize convenience and attendance.

2006 – The San Francisco Browncoats hosted the ball in 2006. The opulence and splendor of the weekend-long event drew in 150 Browncoat attendees from across the United States, Canada, and Australia. It was the west-coast’s first chance at putting on The BCB and boy, did everyone have a blast!

2007 – The Pennsylvania Browncoats brought us together at the epicenter of American independence. The weekend proved to not only be enjoyable and entertaining, but educational as well. When the east-coast got its turn to host the BCB – the Browncoats’ minds were packed with history and the dance floor was packed with fun!

2008 – The Austin Browncoats took the reins to deliver a romping good time in the great Republic of Texas. They gathered, they danced, they shindigged the weekend away. A terrific time was had by all!

2009 – The Browncoat Ball was hosted by the PDX Browncoats in Portland, Oregon, also known as “The Rose City”. Portland was an ideal northwest location and the weekend was a huge success.

2010 – The southern hospitality of the Charlotte Browncoats in Charlotte, North Carolina was on display as Browncoats were entertained with music, clog dancing, a midnight pajama party, and a massive selection of raffle prizes!

2011 – The next Ball was hosted by the New England Browncoats in Warwick, Rhode Island. Their fellow Firefly fans from far and wide came to visit the home of the original Browncoats and experience magic, mansions, music, and the fabulous Prop Museum!

2012 – The Albuquerque Browncoats hosted the Ball in New Mexico. There was plenty of food and time to socialize with great music. Vern Gillum, the director of “Trash” and “Shindig”, was there, and he shared a note from Joss Whedon.

2013 – The Arizona Browncoats will host the next Browncoat Ball. We are enthusiastic about creating an event that will match the past eight Balls with a ton of fun and plenty of time to make new friends and nourish old friendships. We are offering the following tracks: a trip to Rawhide (an old western town), a fun filled Laser Tag experience, crafting activities: Kaylee parasols and a leather item, and an Independent track that will let our guests explore the sights of Phoenix on their own terms.