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Sending A Wave Podcast – Browncoat Ball 2016

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A big damn thank you to Sending a Wave – The UK Firefly/Serenity Podcast! Their brand new show features Browncoat Ball 2016.

Read about it here:  Show 142: The One About The Browncoat Ball 2016

Listen directly here: Sending a Wave – Show 142 The One About The Browncoat Ball 2016

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I was able to speak with Halo and William Pace about their plans for 2016’s Browncoat Ball that is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah in late August. If you want to attend, please go to and you can find out more about what the Utah Browncoats get involved in on their Facebook page here.

Huge thanks to both Halo and William for speaking with me.

— Wendy Scott