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Important Dates

Browncoat Ball 2016 Utah Browncoats Logo

Important Dates for the Browncoat Ball!

The 2016 Browncoat Ball is just over a month away! We are very excited to have everyone joining us in the shiny Core world city of beautiful Salt Lake. Here are some important deadlines that are coming up that we thought you should know about, to make sure that what you plan and what happens are, well, similar!

August 12th – Last day for reservations to get the Browncoat Ball’s special group rate at the Sheraton. Be a Big Damn Hero, reserve your room today!

August 15th – Last day to buy tickets for any of our Premium Tracks for Saturday. Whether you ride to Paradiso on the Train Job, or join the Companions at the Sereni-Tea, buy your ticket now!

August 19th – Final day of pass sales for the Browncoat Ball 2016! We want to make sure there’s a place at the worn out dinner table for all you shiny people. Get ready to board the Firefly-class vessel!

We are excited to welcome Sean Maher to Salt Lake City!

A Firefly cast member is always a great Con guest, and Sean is a delight to have at any con! If you take advantage of our “Come for the Ball, Stay for the Con” invitation, you too could get that elusive signature for your favorite collectible!

Come for the Ball, Stay for the Con!

One highly unique offering of 2016’s event is that we are extending the invitation to attend a world-class Comic Con, to be held in Salt Lake City during the week following the Ball (Sept. 1-3rd).

Get your All Access Weekend Pass or Saturday-only Pass today!